Your Wellbeing

At PDPA, we understand that mental health and addiction issues can affect anyone. We take all of our members and staff's physical and mental health seriously. 

That's why we partner with many health partners that offer confidential and comprehensive support to help you when you need it most.

We partner with Sporting Chancea charity dedicated to providing support to professional athletes for a wide variety of mental health problems, including addiction, anxiety, depression, stress and so much more. This service is 100% confidential and discrete. 

We are here to help. If you need support, browse our tools below or contact us for direct support. 

Free Thrive Wellbeing App

Train your mind with the Thrive Wellbeing App, now available for FREE to all PDPA members.

We're dedicated to supporting your mental and emotional health. Thrive, in collaboration with the PDPA, provides valuable techniques to manage stress and anxiety, helping you build resilience in as little as 5 minute daily sessions.