Shirt Information & Guidelines

Players must adhere strictly to the following regulations or they may be required to change shirts in order to participate in a Match. In the event a player cannot produce a shirt which adheres to these regulations, the PDC may provide a plain shirt for the player to wear during a Match.

The Player shall bring two differently coloured shirts to each match at an Event. If, in the discretion of the Tournament Director, one of the shirts is not suitable because of a failure to comply with the Dress Code, DRA Rules, any advertising regulation, any Applicable Law, a colour clash with a higher ranked player or any other reason then the Player will be requested to change or wear the Player's alternative shirt for that Match (provided it complies with these provisions) (or, at the option of the PDC, the Player will be provided with a plain shirt which the Player shall wear for the Match).

The Player agrees that the Player will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension from the PDC Event, if the Player fails to change the Player’s shirt or, wear a plain shirt, if required to do so by PDC.

The Player shall wear smart trousers and footwear, i.e. the Player shall not wear trainers, jeans or other casual trousers on stage at a PDC Event. The Player may not wear headwear other than for religious reasons. If the Player wishes to deviate from the Dress Code then the Player shall seek the approval of the Tournament Director no later than four hours before each relevant Match.

The Player shall not wear the Player's playing shirt when watching other darts matches in the auditorium at a PDC Event.

The Player shall complete and return the Acceptance Form prior to the start of each PDC Event detailing which sponsors' patches the Player will be wearing and the field of business in which those sponsors operate.

The Player shall not wear a Logo of a company which operates in the same business sector as the PDC Event’s title sponsor.

The Player shall not attempt to display commercial branding outside of the standard shirt Logo positions as detailed below. For example, no branding may be displayed on the rear of a Player’s shirt, a Player’s collar, jewellery, footwear etc.).

If the Player is unsure about this, the Player shall seek and adhere to the guidance and direction of the Tournament Director prior to the start of the PDC Event.

 In the case of certain Events, PDC may not allow Players to wear ‘stuck on’ patches on their shirts and players will only be allowed to wear Logos which are printed or otherwise permanently affixed to their shirts.

Number and Location of Patches

Players will be permitted to wear up to five of their own patches on their shirt. Additionally, the PDC will provide players with up to two patches which must be worn for each Match. Players should refer to the below image for guidance.

NOTE: Patch No7 can also be in the area in between the shoulder blades at the back/top of your shirt. 

Players Shirt Dimensions

General Advertising Regulations

Each Logo must NOT exceed 40 square centimetres in total area - this includes any background surrounding the Logo.

Acceptable dimensions are marked on the graphic. No other dimensions will be accepted.

Players’ individual Logos which define their identity, for example initials, are permitted in moderation on their shirts.

Players are only permitted to wear a particular brand or Logo once on the Player's shirts. However, the Player can display on the Player's shirt different brands from within the same company.

Maker’s Names

Players will not be permitted to take to the stage with a ‘maker’s name’ Logo (i.e. Nike) showing unless they have a personal endorsement arrangement with that brand. In all cases, this should be covered up with a sponsor’s patch.

Where a patch is not available, the player will not be permitted to wear the shirt and the PDC will provide an alternative shirt.