PDC Media Information & Guidelines

In the modern world, many of us will inevitably spend more time on social media but we have also found that there remains high media interest in the PDC and players.

The information below is intended to act as a guide for you in addition to the guidelines within the PDC Player Contract and the DRA Social Media Policy.

Social Media

Please treat all comments and/or posts which you place on social media as if you were in a live TV interview.

Therefore, please refrain from using inappropriate language (or emojis!) and be cautious of the content of your posts. Media can, and often do, use social media comments and posts as if they were an official quote from a player, and as such may create stories about this.

In addition, at the current time, please be conscious of not making posts which might suggest that you are not following any relevant Government guidelines.

The DRA have a Social Media Guidelines document, which we recommend that you read and understand.

PDC Media Team

The PDC’s media department may contact you or your management to request interviews or other such filming at appropriate times both for our own content and also for other media outlets.

We are also working to produce other original content for both our social media channels and our monthly magazine show “The Darts Show”, and if you have any ideas which you think may make good features we would be happy to work with you to produce these.

Media are often now looking at “human interest” angles of stories or other newsworthy stories. We are happy to work with you in relation to answering media queries should you require if you have any direct approaches from media.

Please contact us if you ever have any queries in relation to media or social media issues, either by email to [email protected] Or by calling +44 (0)1277 359919.


We encourage players to be media-friendly, and adopting a positive approach to media activity helps to build your profile and allow your personality to come across.

As the sport has grown, there has naturally been an increase in media (including independent news websites, podcasts and YouTube channels). 

Most media would look to arrange interviews via the PDC and we would liaise with you or your management to set up a suitable day & time for this.

However, you or your management may be approached directly, and it is fine if you are happy to conduct the interview and wish to liaise directly over the request. 

If you have any queries, feel free to contact the PDC or PDPA for advice, or if you wish you can refer the query to be arranged via [email protected].

We have also set up a dedicated Skype address which you can use should you be asked to conduct any interviews via Skype and not have your own Account. 

We are happy to share these details on request.


The PDC are happy to provide you with photos from TV events where we have an official photographer. You are welcome to use these pictures editorially on your personal website and your social media.

If you wish to use these pictures for exhibition posters or other commercial use, you or the promoter of the event must agree a fee with our photographer. 

Please contact [email protected] in relation to the specific images if you wish to do this and we can put you in touch with the appropriate photographer directly. 

If you do not agree commercial use rights before using an image, you may be subject to the full cost.


Should you wish to use a photograph of yourself within your shirt design, please note that this photograph should not include the sponsors’ logos on the image. 

These would be classed as advertising and as such the shirt may not be permitted to be worn in a televised event. 

You may also need to agree a fee for usage of the image (as above) if the shirt is to be sold commercially.

Please also remember that social media links (i.e. your Twitter handle) count as an advertising logo on your shirt due to the commercial possibilities of the account. 

No advertising is allowed on collars, which includes your sponsors or shirt brand, so please be aware of this when having shirts made which you plan to wear in TV events.

Player Profile Information

We encourage all players to keep their player profile information up to date at all times, and this information can be updated through the PDC Entry System (www.pdcplayers.com) in your profile.

Please note that this is the source we use for providing player profile information for TV graphics, the PDC website and event programmes, so it is in all players’ interests to keep this information correct.