Logo Policy

Our logo.

The PDPA logo was introduced in its current format at the start of 2023. The logo represents the global impact of the PDPA and the professionalism that goes with it.

The space surrounding our logo.

When the full logo is used including the Professional Darts Players Association text, the text defines the width of the logo. The minimum spacing around the logo should always be 0.25 inch or 6,4 mm.

Colour palette.

The two colours used in the standard PDPA logo are:

Dart Blue PMS 534C

Light Blue PMS 7686C

There are 3 other colours for the logo which can be used when appropriate. They are black, pink and rainbow as seen below. All logos can only be used on a white background.

Permitted logo sizes.

The complete logo has a width to hight ratio of 1.000:711 including the white spacing around it. For use on a website the size should not exceed a height of 150px. For usage in print there is no limit if the height to width ratio is preserved.

The complete logo can only be used in the standard way with the text under the logo. In some cases, the logo can also be used without text for social media for instance.

The ratio for the logo without text is 1.000:804.

PDPA logo guidelines of use.

You need prior permission from the PDPA to use our logo on any social media platforms, websites, posters, promotional material or any other media outlets. Only the PDC, JDC the DRA or any official PDPA partners are allowed to use our logo without prior permission.

Prior permission for use will only be granted in writing/email by any PDPA Board member for its use as a one and only one occasion. We expect any such use to be of a professional standard, and the exact logo distributed to be used and not changed, any further text added, or colour changed. See Below:

Our logo without any text is for use on social media outlets only. Our logo represents our membership, our association, and our sport around the world.

It is not allowed to do the following with the logo.

Do not reverse the logo.

Do not change the colour(s)

Do not rotate the logo.

Do not stretch or alter the proportions.

Do not change the arrangement of the logo.

Do not apply gradients, shadows, or other effects.

The PDPA reserve the right to use its logo on any promotional items.

Alan Warriner-Little
Chief Executive


(13th May 2023)