Psychologist 'Sion Thomas'

PDPA Tour Card Holders can now use our official sports psychologist Sion Thomas

Sion has been working as a sport psychologist for over 20 years, in numerous sports. In that time he has worked with elite athletes from across 40 different sports, ranging from dressage riders to cage fighters. As well as working as a full-time University lecturer, Sion is also attached to Kent County Cricket Club, Harlequins RFC and Crystal Palace FC.

At present this is only for PDC Tour Card Holders. 

Click Here for Vimeo video for sports psychology support.

"I’ve had a great first year working on behalf of the PDPA as the appointed sport psychologist. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to work with a number of you across this first 12 months in post.

Often players view sport psych support as only necessary when they may well be struggling on or away from the oche; there is plenty of truth in this statement. However Sport psychology support is also about performance enhancement.

It’s about making a positive difference viewed through a different set of eyes; a different lens that can help direct and facilitate players towards increased levels of consistency, confidence, and ultimately performance. Those small “marginal gains” might not appear to be significant, but often at the level you boys play at, they become the difference. To find out more, why not drop me an email or WhatsApp."

Contact Sion

07960 000543
[email protected]

He fully believes that the role of the sport psychologist is around performance enhancement; the elite athlete often has to contend with challenges both on and off the pitch, court and stage. A deeper understanding and awareness of these challenges leads to a positive and/or growth mindset.

Sion’s work will enable players to learn to embrace situations as opposed to avoid; he firmly believes in the mantra that athletes have to “Be comfortable being uncomfortable”. There are so many variables that athletes spend far too much time focusing on (we sometimes refer to these as task-irrelevant cues).

Much of Sion’s work revolves around developing interventions and strategies that therefore enable players to “Control the Controllable’s”. The PDPA will be sending all this information and contacts to our members.

‘We are delighted to have Sion on board for our members use. We take all of our members health very seriously, we already have sporting chance and a thrive wellbeing APP on board and our signatory for the Mental Health Charter for Recreation and Sport, this addition reflects our continued commitment to our members wellbeing.


As a Tour Card Holder the PDPA will pay for your initial 1 hour consultation so is FREE to you as a PDPA member, following this initial consultation and you feel you need to carry on, your arrangements and any remaining costs will be payable by yourself.