See below for corporate rates and official hotels, you can book your own hotel/Accommodation if you wish to do so. 

We do have corporate rates in LEICESTER, HILDESHEIM, NIEDERNHAUSEN and MILTON KEYNES along with our search engine and on the same page Premier Inn's.

WIGAN hotels are still in progress, there is a very small supply of hotels with available rooms in Wigan due to council rules. 

MINEHEAD How to book either the Premier Inn next door or on the camp itself, as we do not have a corporate deal for any hotels, also for the surrounding area. 

All EUROPEAN TOUR hotels are via our travel partner.

All TELEVISED EVENTS in the UK, Europe and around the World are organised by the PDC, we do not have any prior information on these, hotel names, rates or how to book. If we do get any information we will send this direct to the players concerned and also add to the monthly newsletter.

All players in TV events should receive the relevant hotel information from the PDC either by email or via the event brief, if you have not received this please contact the PDC.

Please use our search engine for hotel options anywhere in the United Kingdom, Europe and all around the world.

You can also pick your rooms with some which can be cancelled prior to arrival. 

For Hotels in:
- Wigan
- Minehead
- Leicester
- Milton Keynes
- Blackpool
- TV Events
- European Tour

Premier Inn

If you are looking for a comfortable and affordable accommodation, you might want to consider Premier Inn, one of the UK’s largest hotel chains. Premier Inn offers a range of rooms and amenities to suit your needs and budget. You can find Premier Inn hotels in various locations across the country, from city centres to countryside. To search for available hotels on their website, please click on the link below.