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We all know that insurance can be a minefield, so we have at the PDPA joined up with Graham & Adam at Certis Insurance who will give you the correct information, a professional service, and the right cover for your needs, they will do all the work for you.

You also have the backing of The PDPA for any issues, problems or disputes, not that we envisage any, but this protects you as a PDPA member.

Certis Insurance Brokers are now the PDPA’s official Insurance Partner. Certis Insurance will cover our members for their bespoke car insurance, jewellery, and your property.

Certis Contacts

Telephone: 0800 440 2410
Direct Dial: 01708 957445
Email: [email protected]

Certis Insurance Brokers, 201 Station Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 6LL.

Please Quote PDPA Member: If you are unsure, we can always do this for you, email us here at the PDPA [email protected] or speak to your PDPA representative.

Graham also attends Pro-Tour events for your convenience.

Car Insurance

As a professional player, if you have not disclosed to your current insurance company that you are a professional sportsperson, you may find you are not able to make a claim. You therefore need to speak to the right people to obtain the correct cover and bespoke car insurance.

Insurance Non-Disclosures

Below are some examples of false or incorrect statements often found on insurance proposals for people in the sports and entertainment industry. Even the slightest misinterpretation to an insurer could lead to a policy being invalidated and/or claims rejected.

It is worth noting that every proposal form will ask if the proposer or any drivers have ‘ever had insurance cancelled or declined’. Should the worst happen, and your policy is cancelled or invalidated you will find it difficult to get insurance in the future, so it is important that full and frank disclosure is made at all times.

  • Occupation listed as ‘Something Else’ on documents even when they are under a contract to a sports promoter or association and receive payments (no matter how small)
  • Occupation listed as ‘Something Else’ instead of professional sportsman.
  • Occupation listed as their secondary occupation unrelated to their sport.
  • Sports professionals driving on another ‘Any Driver’ policy where the policy specifically asks for disclosure of any driver involved in sports or entertainment.
  • ‘Any Driver’ generally means ‘Any Driver who is claim or conviction free’. If one of the unnamed drivers has any claims or points, they need to refer to the insurer.
  • Occupation incorrectly listed on home insurance policies. Sports professionals need to ensure this is correct, due to the high profile of sports professionals, non-disclosure maybe grounds to reject a claim.
  • Home occupancy – most home insurers will have a set time limit for properties to be unoccupied (30/60 days typically) after which time cover is severely reduced. Many sports professionals are away from home for extended periods and unless this is disclosed, it could invalidate a claim.
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