For all of your travel needs to go to and from PDC events.

- TRAVEL to all of our venues with GOOGLE MAPS, ADDRESSES and INFORMATION.

- Bespoke TRAVEL INSURANCE for sports people, this is what you need as a professional via our insurance partner CERTIS. (From £99 age dependant - world wide cover and family also available) 

- Tina and her team at TRAVEL COUNSELLORS not only do European Tour Hotels, but FLIGHTS to any destination. 

- PASSPORT and VISA information for travel to UK or EUROPE

- We have a PDPA SHUTTLE bus (UK Only) which can be booked for trips from airports to hotels and return, these are also available to from the venue to hotel and return.

- For UK residents, it is worth making sure you have the GHIC NHS Card for when you are travelling abroad.

- For TRAIN information in Europe and the UK

- Book a PRE-BOOKED TRANSFER either at a UK event or for the European Tour, it not only saves money but you won't be stuck if you plan ahead.

- Plus all 13 EUROPEAN TOUR events travel in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. 

- Tour event hotels in HILDESHEIM and NIEDERNHAUSEN and to all events in the UK WIGAN, LEICESTER, MINEHEAD, and MILTON KEYNES.