What We Do

The PDPA was originally formed 35 years ago. With the aim to look after the interests of the Professional Darts Player, with a pro-active chief executive and administrative staff, supported by a board of directors.

We aim to provide a true voice and benefits for its members whilst helping them achieve their ambitions within the Professional Darts arena. We work fully in partnership with the PDC, DRA and the JDC.

The PDPA is the only professional darts association. Its full mandate is to “protect, improve and negotiate the conditions, rights and status of all professional players by collective bargaining agreements and negotiations” with the PDC, the DRA and any other relevant bodies.

The health and wellbeing of our members is our priority, with our partners ‘Sporting Chance’ and ‘Thrive’ we offer full emotional support throughout their careers, and we are a full signatory for the Mental Health Charter for recreation and sport.

All PDC Players are required to be a member of the PDPA to play in any PDC sanctioned events as per PDC Rule 1.1.

How many players do the PDPA represent?

There are 128 PDC Tour Card Holders ‘Full Members’ and a further 850 players who entered the 2023 PDC Q-School but did not get a Tour Card, these are ‘Associate Members’ for the 2023 season. These players are eligible to play on the Challenge Tour of which 453 different players did so.

Along with these, there are also 522 different players played on the Development Tour (Junior Members) 

Over 216 different players played on the Women's Series in 2023, and over 200 Day members (For European Tour Qualifiers Only) with 158 different players playing on the main European Tour.

All PDPA Members must abide by the new PDPA Articles and Code of Conduct.

Who is on the PDPA board?

  • Peter Manley – Chairman
  • Alan Warriner-Little – Chief Executive (Also acting Secretary)
  • Andy Scott – Director (Vice Chairman)
  • Jacques Nieuwlaat – Director
  • Jamie Caven – Director
  • Nicola Johnston – Administration

All PDPA Board Members are voted onto the board on a 3 year rotational basis as per PDPA Articles. We also have an annual AGM (Usually October/November) where members can attend and vote or send in proxy votes to determine accounts, resolutions, board members, suggestions, proposals, ideas and comments.

How do you get on the PDPA board:

There shall be a permanent Board of up to six, including the President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive if employed at the present time. The members of the Board shall be elected for three years at the Annual General Meeting and may serve two or more successive periods of office if re-elected. 

The Board shall have power to co-opt additional members.

A quorum at all Board meetings shall consist of three. If you require to be nominated, you would: when the AGM paperwork is forwarded nominate yourself, the PDPA will then send out for votes via the Membership.

Recent work

PDPA EMERGENCY FUND: During the Pandemic an Immediate Emergency Fund of up to £1,000 for any Tour Card Holder in real need of immediate financial assistance was given. This fund is SPECIFICALLY for Members who are currently suffering a real negative financial impact due to the Pandemic. This applied-for payment will be non-repayable.

HARDSHIP FUND: To follow up the Emergency Fund, a PDPA Hardship Fund for any Tour Card Holder who requires further financial support in the months ahead in the form of an advance against future prize money.

PDC TOUR CARD: The Golden Ticket: Over the years we have with the PDC looked at the ‘PDC Tour Card’ being ‘The Golden Ticket’ in professional darts. The aim is to continually make the ‘Tour Card more lucrative and give all professional players more opportunities.

PDPA LEVY: In ‘2019’ we reduced the % levy from our members from 3% to 2% after discussions with the PDC, this is another incredible breakthrough in managing our members finances to the full benefit of our members, this is a further £150,000 going back to our membership. We work fully on the basis of a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation. With any profits going back into the game.

ENTRY FEES: These have now been abolished after fine work with the PDC for the benefit of our members, a saving of £4,000 in entry fees for each Pro-Tour player.

PLAYING EQUIPMENT: If we get any complaints about equipment used, these can generally be dealt with at source to a professional resolution. On other occasions, we may need to collate these for further discussions with the PDC and equipment providers which can take time.

HEALTH & WEALTH: Much of our most significant recent work has been around our player’s health, welfare and changes to rules and events for the players benefit as a whole. We are currently in final negotiations for PDPA Representatives all around the World in areas progressing in our sport for the benefit of players in those regions.

Mental health is one area in which the PDPA has been instrumental for its members, with numerous current and former players praising the access to services they received through the PDPA. We were an original signatory for the ‘Mental Health Charter’ a full member of the PPF we also have the FREE Thrive wellbeing APP and Sporting Chance as one of our official partners

DART CONNECT: This system is now the full scoring and statistical system for all Pro-Tour, Development Tour and Challenge Tour events including qualifiers. And the UK Open and Players Championship Finals. This is FREE for all PDC Tour Card Holders and a discount for all other members. CLICK HERE for further info.

RESPECT CAMPAIGN: This has been running for over 7 years and is noted on all of our floor events stage areas, in view for everyone to see. 

EUROPEAN TOUR QUALIFIERS: We have recently had major changes on the European Tour Qualification, where now all Tour Card Holders play the day following a Players Championship event where our TCH can also access 3 or 4 events and play in the best professional conditions. Associate/Day Members play in European venues.

PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS: We have also had changes to this event to allow a further 32 of our members to play in a major TV event and at a time at the end of the season where there are less Pro-Tour events.

INVESTMENT INTO THE GAME: We at the PDPA are very proud to continually invest into the process and the future of the game, at present we invest as follows:


CHANGES IN THE GAME: Its no secret that many people involved in our sport don’t fully understand the procedures and processes that have to be followed to change any rules, events, dates, venues, prize money, conditions of playing, playing equipment etc.

Our role is to determine if any changes would be more proficient for the game as a whole, and not just for individuals. These can be either our own proposals, from the PDC or requests made by our members to look at a certain part of the game.

Once these are established, we would discuss these with the PDC in a multidisciplinary environment and come up with a decision which would benefit the game as a whole.

PDPA PARTNERS: We continually look at businesses, associations and sports to gain benefits for our members, or fully professional companies who can offer our members a correct and professional service.

WHY IS THE PDPA IMPORTANT? Players need to have a voice in their own sport, our role is to do this for and on behalf of all of our members. They also need to access complaints and concerns that they may have.

PDPA EVENT ATTENDANCE & REPORTS: We have a representative at every event for any issues or discussions. Following every Pro-Tour, any Qualifier and DT/CT/WS events we also provide a report to all concerned on the event.

PDC PLAYERS CONTRACT: This was a major discussion with comments/query requirement at the end of 2018 into 2019. (Managers/Solicitors)


DRA: We have a fully co-operative and fully functioning working partnership with the DRA for the full benefit of our members. If any players receive a DRA referral, we can: And ONLY once a player has given consent either verbally, via email or the signed PDPA/DRA form agreeing to representation) as per requirement to be involved within their case from Referral > Hearing > Outcome > Appeal > Fines etc.

We offer full advice of what to do, help with paperwork and deadlines, use our sports solicitor, attend hearings to represent players, attend appeals and be involved with conference calls. We also help with any players medication issues in terms of checking banned substances and TUE forms for ‘Therapeutic Use’

DRUG TESTING: These are random thought the year.

Health & Wellbeing

THRIVE WELLBEING APP: We have a FREE wellbeing APP for the use of all of our players to help with anxiety, stress, depression, loss of form, etc. CLICK HERE for further information.

SPORTING CHANCE CLINIC: For all members FREE If you need any help SC are here to help you CLICK HERE for there specific area on the website

GAMSTOP: If you have an issue with Gambling, this self exclusion tool from GameStop is worth a check.

SOCIAL MEDIA ABUSE: Very prominent issue, we have with the PPF developed some great and valuable ways to help with this.

PDPA HEALTH: Bereavement/Stress/Depression etc


PPF: Professional Players Federation We have been members of the PPF for 4 years, which is an organisation set up in the UK for all sports association to network within other sports CLICK HERE for the area on our website dedicated to the PPF

LAPS: Life After Professional Sport We have recently joined forces with LAPS to help with the transition when players stop their sport and what to do next, in terms of support systems and opportunities. CLICK HERE for the LAPS area on our website

SPORTS SOLICITOR: Mr Gareth Williams at GHW Solicitors is our official PDPA Solicitor for any issues including contractual problems, etc.

ACCOUNTANCY: Adrian Grainger at ‘Griffiths & Pegg’ are our official accountant for our members, he has saved our members over a quarter of a million pounds since he has been with us.

TRAVEL COUNSELLORS: Official Travel Partner

CERTIS BESPOKE SPORTS INSURANCE: CLICK HERE for official Insurance Partner area on the website. TRAVEL INSURANCE: CLICK HERE for the PDPA Travel Insurance provided by Certis and underwritten by Lloyds

VISAS & BREXIT: CLICK HERE for this area

NUTRITIONIST: Kelly Hopley Nutritional Therapist

PROSPERITY WEALTH: For wealth management, one of our new partners, CLICK HERE for further information.

MONEY HELPER: FREE Government website for all your financial needs.

FUTURE PATHWAY: FREE Courses for all members

PSYCHOLOGIST: With Sion Thomas


What the PDPA provide

  • A fully functioning website which is built for your mobile device.
  • Regular email information on upcoming issues, events and related darts issues, via Mail Chimp, our email provider. 
  • A Monthly Newsletter.
  • Text service to Tour Card Holders for deadlines and news
  • A PDPA representative at every PDC floor event, and TV events where applicable.
  • Information notices at all PDC Pro-Tour events.
  • DRA Advice & Representation ‘This still needs the players consent to the DRA’
  • FREE Sporting Chance availability for any member
  • FREE Sports Wellbeing THRIVE APP.
  • LAPS ‘Life After Professional Sport’
  • PDPA Official Accountant ‘Griffiths & Pegg’
  • PDPA Official Solicitor ‘GHW Solicitors’
  • PDPA Official Travel Partner ‘Travel Counsellors’
  • PDPA Car/Home Insurance ‘Certis Insurance’
  • PDPA Hotel Corporate Rates, for the UK.
  • PDPA Shuttle Bus to/from events to/from Airports and Hotels in UK
  • FREE Contract advice.
  • FREE Professional Markers at Pro-Tour events via the Markers Scheme.
  • An event review after every PDC event
  • 24/7 Contacts
  • Regular PDPA Board Meetings
  • PDPA Social Media ‘Twitter, FB, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Sports Integrity E-Learning Module for all TCH & other relevant players. 
  • Darts Statistics.
  • FREE Dart Connect for Tour Card Holders
  • Race Tables for all events.
  • Check any of your medications online.
  • Player Education.
  • Representation at the PPF ‘Professional Players Federation’
  • Along with these benefits, we meet on a regular basis and communicate daily with the PDC to plan events, go through all the rules and regulations, players contracts, issues, scenarios, proposals, reviews and everything darts related.


  • The PDC
  • The DRA
  • The PPF
  • World Snooker
  • Sports Minister
  • PDC Tours Worldwide (Inc. CDC, DPA, PDC Europe/Asia/N&B)
  • JDC
  • UKAD
  • All UK Sports via the PPF