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The Professional Players Federation and the Professional Darts Players Association have released a new education film highlighting some of the key risks to players who become involved in match fixing and the serious repercussions on both their professional career and their personal life.

The film features the honest and personal testimony from 22 year old Dutch darts player, Wessel Nijman. He received a five year suspension from the sport after being found guilty of match fixing in 2020 during the live-streamed Modus Icons of Darts series, after he was initially approached via a friend’s account on Instagram and agreed to lose 4-0 in a match.

Two-and-a-half years of the ban was suspended on the condition that Nijman continues to engage in player education and anti-corruption measures as demonstrated by his participation in this film. He was also ordered to pay £2,455 towards the costs of the hearing.

In the film Nijman, who was at the top of the Development Tour ranking when he took part in the match fixing, said:

“From the moment I found out I was under investigation, my world crashed in and you’re suddenly at the lowest point in your career again when you had just been at your highest point.”

Speaking about how he wants to help educate other sportspeople across the world he said:

“My hope from this is that nobody will ever get into anything like this again, especially young people who are more vulnerable to this type of cheating. If someone had shown me a video like this, I would have thought I wouldn’t want to get into something like that. The big message is don’t get into it, report any approach straight away so they can get every match fixer off the internet.”

Also featured in the film is Betting Integrity Adviser, Nigel Mawer QPM who said:

“Match fixing is a criminal offence and there is potential for jail. Spot fixing and match fixing are just as serious and with spot fixing, the fixers have to put so much money into the markets which the betting operators will see straight away and report. You’re risking your career and the sport you love so my advice is just don’t do it because if you do, you’ll get caught.”

The new film highlights the ongoing threat of match fixing in professional sport and the measures that are in place to stop it. It also reminds players of the importance of reporting any suspicious or corrupt approaches to their player body or governing authority.

PPF Chairman Brendon Batson OBE said:

We are grateful for the support of our partners in the betting industry that have enabled us to support the PDPA produce this excellent educational film. We commend Wessel for taking part in this film and highlighting his story so that others may be prevented from going down a similar path.”

The film is available to view on the PPF website. For further information please contact PPF Chief Executive Simon Taylor ([email protected] or 07726 627422)

VIDEO 1Watch the Wessel Nijman video below.


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