DRA Agents License

From 2016 onwards, any person wishing to act as an agent on behalf of a player must be registered with the DRA.

​The definition of an agent is someone who carries out "Agency Activity" on behalf of a Player: "Agency Activity" acting in any way and at any time in the capacity of manager, agent, representative or adviser to a Player, either directly or indirectly, in any aspect of the negotiation, arrangement or execution of any kind of commercial arrangement including any sponsorship arrangement.

​Any person who carries out Agency Activity must be registered with the DRA. If a player uses a person who is not a Registered Agent to carry out Agency Activity they are in breach of Rule 4.1 of the DRA Rules.

​The initial registration fee is £500+VAT and the annual renewal fee is £250 inclusive of VAT. ​The process to become a Registered Agent is to complete the application form and follow the guidance.

The following document below will provide all the information you need on how to become a DRA recognised registered agent.

- To register to become a NEW DRA Registered agent, complete the form CLICK HERE

- DRA Registration Process CLICK HERE

Registered Agents Declaration CLICK HERE

- To renew your DRA Agent registration, complete the form CLICK HERE

- List of DRA Registered Agents CLICK HERE

For any applications to be a registered agent if you live outside the UK please contact the DRA at [email protected] before starting the process.