Travel Insurance


Welcome to our new PDPA official Travel Insurance with ‘Certis’ specifically for sports people, with added Pandemic notes.

For UK residents only - to travel to all European Tours/TV events, cover can start from as little as £99 You can also get world cover and include your family.

For a quick travel insurance quote CLICK HERE

You can also speak to Graham Smith from Certis who attends quite a few PDC Pro-Tour events or speak to your PDPA representative.

Key policy features specific to Sports Travel+

  • Medical Expenses & repatriation cover if you’re injured whilst participating in your sport.
  • Cancellation cover if injured and cannot compete.

Cover for Covid-19 if you have a positive diagnosis

  • Emergency medical and repatriation expenses
  • Reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses (room only) for insured person to extend their stay until they are medically fit to return to the United Kingdom
  • Reasonable additional travelling and accommodation expenses to repatriate insured person to the United Kingdom when they are denied boarding on their pre-booked return travel due to contracting COVID-19.
  • Confinement benefit: a benefit payment of £30 for each complete 24-hour period up to £300 where insured person are ordered into self-isolation in their holiday accommodation by a relevant Government authority, because of them contracting COVID-19

You can also speak to Graham Smith from Certis who attends Pro-Tour events or your PDPA representative.