UK & EU Trains


For any trains in the United Kingdom, check in with Avanti and add your dates, starting point and destination for all PDC venues. 

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Milton Keynes Station:
Milton Keynes Central is a 10 minute taxi to the venue/hotel.

Leicester Train Station:
Most hotels and the town centre are a short walk from this station, the venue is a short taxi ride away, but a good 25 minute walk. A Premier Inn is next door. 

Wigan North Western:
The train station is on the outskirts of the town centre and a short taxi ride to the venue, or a 12/15 minute walk.

There is no train station in MInehead, the nearest station is Taunton 23.8 miles but can take a good 45 minutes drive. 


For any trains in for all the events below in Europe, go to Rail Europe add your starting point, times and destinations.

CLICK HERE For the Rail Europe Website OR via The Trainline CLICK HERE 

Hildesheim (GER) The train from Hanover Airport to Hildesheim takes 1hr 7m with 1 change at Hanover Hbf and costs approximately £11 one way, trains run every hour.

Niedernhausen (GER) The train takes quite a while from Frankfurt International Airport due to its direction, a taxi is the best option as it is less than 20 minutes away. Other Airports including Frankfurt-Hahn which is further away takes over 1 hour.

Wieze (BEL) From Brussels Airport takes around 2 hours, click rail Europe above to book and check times.

Munich (GER) A taxi or transfer is the best option but if you need to get the train this can take 90 minutes. Click rail Europe above to book and check times.

Riesa (GER) From Dresden Airport (Nearest Airport) you can get a train via Dresden main station to Riesa which takes around 1hr 40m.

Sindelfingen (GER) From Stuttgart Airport to Sindelfingen takes around 1 hour.

Graz (AUS) If via Graz Airport, no train required as it is a very short distance away, if you are travelling into Vienna Airport, this is just over 200km away so takes between 2.5 - 3.0 hours by train go to the rail Europe link above.

Kiel (GER) The train from Hamburg Airport takes between 1.4 - 1.5 hours, and is via Hamburg Hbf (S-Bahn) where you need to switch to Hamburg Hbf station to get to Kiel.

Rosmalen: (HOL)
From Schiphol to Rosmalen takes 1hr 22m with 1 change at 's-Hertogenbosch, see rail Europe on the main travel page OR From Eindhoven it takes 34 minutes to Rosmalen.

Leverkusen (GER)
From Cologne Bonn Airport (Koln/Bonn Flughafen) takes around 30 minutes for 1 change or 45 minutes if 2 changes.

Antwerp (BEL) From Brussels Airport is 45.6km (28.3m) You have three different transfer options from Brussels airport to Antwerp, taxi, bus and train. A taxi takes 36 minutes and costs around 120€, the direct train takes 31 minutes and costs 11.80€ one-way, while the direct Airport Express bus costs just 10€ one-way and takes 45 minutes.

it is possible to travel from Brussels-Airport-Zaventem to Antwerp without having to change trains. There are 35 direct trains from Brussels-Airport-Zaventem to Antwerp each day. Though there may be fewer direct services available depending on your exact arrival/departure date.

Budapest (HUN) A taxi is the best option due to the short distance, as it is only 16km (10m) You can get a bus which takes around 40minutes to the city centre, dependant on where your hotel is located. 

Basel (SWISS) There is a train available from Basel Airport CLICK HERE to the venue which takes 40 minutes. Dependant on where your hotel is would differ in times.

Prague (CZECH REP) You can get to the PVA EXBO (Venue) by train from the airport (1 Hour) which goes through Prague, dependant on where your hotel is, if near city centre would only be 30 minutes. CLICK HERE for map.