Important Information for All Players Competing in DRA Sanctioned Events

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The PDC and DRA are committed to ensure that Darts remains a drug free sport, providing Players and spectators with a genuine and fair sporting contest. 

In order to ensure this, the DRA oversees a random drug testing programme in line with its Anti – Doping Rules. This means that any Player competing in a DRA sanctioned event may be required to undertake a drug test. Should you be selected for a test, the procedure will be clearly explained to you. It is important that you follow these instructions as it is a breach of the rules to fail to provide a specimen when requested to do so.

The test will identify any drugs that appear on the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) Prohibited List, which can be found at Should you wish to check whether any prescribed medication that you are taking is prohibited, then this can be done via the Global DRO reference tool -

If you find that you are taking a prohibited medication, then you must obtain a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) from the DRA before competing. TUE’s are granted at the discretion of the DRA TUE Committee and require evidence to show that the prohibited substance is necessary and that there are no suitable non prohibited substances available as an alternative.

The PDPA and the DRA are available to advise you in relation to both the Prohibited List and the TUE process.

You are reminded that the penalties for using a prohibited substance are severe, with the starting point being a 2-year ban from competition. The fact that a doctor has prescribed a medication does not mean that it does not contain a substance that is prohibited by WADA.

The Anti-Doping Rules apply the principle of strict liability. This means that you be held to be responsible for any prohibited substance found in your body. It is your responsibility to ensure that any medication or supplement that you take does not contain a prohibited substance.

Should you choose to take a supplement, it is important to note that such substances are not regulated to the same standard as prescription medication. They may also contain substances that are not listed in their ingredients. This risks a Player inadvertently taking a prohibited substance. In line with the principle of strict liability outlined above, you will still be held responsible. It is important that you take this into consideration when using supplements.

Thank you for playing your part in ensuring that Darts remains a drug free sport for all.